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Transportation from the European Side

Via Bus

  • You can arrive in the hospital through the 99A numbered IETT bus from Eminonu.
  • 55T numbered IETT bus from Taksim.
  • 55 numbered IETT bus from Sisli.

Transportation from the Airport

When you get in the vehicle from the airport, follow Gaziosmanpasa sign on the direction of Bus Terminal-Aksaray. As if going to the first Bosphorus Bridge on the direction of E5, follow Bayrampasa sign after passing Topkapı. Follow Gaziosmanpasa sign.

Transportation from the Bus Terminal

Get on the underground from the bus terminal on the direction of Aksaray. Get off at Ulubatlı station and then get on a vehicle for the direction of Habibler at the tramwat stop of Vatan and get off at Sagmalcılar stop.


Transportation from the Anatolian Side

If you are coming to the hospital through the first Bosphorus Bridge (Bogazici), take the road after the bridge. After passing by the Golden Horn Bridge, take the right indicating Gaziosmanpasa-Rami sign. Take the right again from the Sagmalcılar tramway station without turning away. The hospital is on the right at a hundred meter distance. If you are coming to the hospital via metrobus, get off at Edirnekapı stop and walk up. Get on a vehicle from Sehitlik tramway station and get off at Sagmalcılar stop If you are coming to the hospital through the second Bosphorus Bridge (Fatih Sultan Mehmet), enter into the road indicating Bayrampasa sign. You can arrive in the hospital by following Gaziosmanpasa sign.

This content was published by the medical editorial board on 24.03.2021 and updated on 13.07.2023.