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Patient & Visitor Rights

Service Hours

Gaziosmanpasa Hospital provides a polyclinic service between the hours of 09.00-18.00 in the weekdays and until 13.00 on Saturdays through an appointment system.

Furthermore; our specialist doctors and polite patient consultants provide service on a 24 hours basis in such polyclinics as gynaecology, general surgery, orthopaedics, internal diseases, children’s health, anaesthesia and dent and besides the polyclinic service, laboratory tests can be performed via MRI, CT and all radiological examinations. Our emergency services, on the other hand, provide service on a 24/7 basis with the help of emergency medicine specialists, family physicians and other night and attending doctors in order to respond all your health needs in a timely manner.

What Should You Bring Along for Hospitalization?

What we aim is to ensure that you will recognize and settle into your room and feel comfortable in the shortest period of time possible. When you reach to our hospital, you will be welcomed by your hospitalization consultant. Make sure you bring along the following documentations when you come to the hospital:

  • Identity card or driving licence;
  • Health insurance certificate for payment or referral document by relevant institution;
  • Doktorunuz talep etti ise, tıbbi kayıtlar, röntgenler veya daha önceki tetkik sonuçları,
  • Medical records, X-ray film or previous test results if requested by your doctor
  • The list of all kinds of medical and herbal medicines that you are using.


  • Night dress/pyjama,
  • Slippers,
  • Underwear, socks,
  • Shaving materials, make-up items,
  • Your eyeglasses, if any, hearing device, walking stick

We kindly make you remember to bring along the following despite of the fact that they will be offered to you by the hospital:.

  • Slippers, soap, comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, shampoo, towel, paper tissue, napkin etc.
Your Room

Your room will be introduced to you by relevant introduction secretary or nurse and you are allowed to settle into your room upon the completion of your hospitalization transactions at the patient admission office.We kindly request from you not to keep any food in your room for the sake of infection control and your safety. Water, fruit juice and cracker are provided in the mini bar for your urgent needs. If you do not follow a special diet, you can also order any food to your room from the cafeteria available until the hour of 24:00.


A telephone is provided in your room for your use. It will be sufficient to connect the line through the key of “9” for outside calls. The persons who want to contact with you outside can dial this number and directly talk with you. Such number is indicated on the telephone. Please dial “0” to contact with the telephone central.

Call Centre/Online Appointment System

You can get examination or control appointments or receive information on our services by means of calling 444 1 300 telephone numbered call centre working uninterruptedly for 24 hours. You can also receive detailed information on online appointment and available units by visiting

Television/Closed Circuit Broadcasts

You can ask for assistance to the floor secretary for the use of your television. We kindly request from you to keep the sound level of your television such that no other patient will be disturbed in terms of the health and peace of other patients You can watch closed circuit broadcasts from which you can receive information on the available units of the hospital and the treatments of various diseases on Channel 1 and Channel 2.

Your Identifying Information

You will be welcomed by the patient admission office of our hospital upon your arrival and your appointment will be checked through all your identifying information. During the performance of the hospitalization processes, an identity wristlet will be delivered to you which indicates your name, hospital number and date of birth. Your nurse will check your identity wristlet and confirm your identity during all follow-up and treatment process. Therefore, please do not remove such wristlet from your admission to the hospital to your discharge

For Your Health and Safety

Your safety is as important as your health for us. Knowing your own treatment plan and taking an active role during the treatment process will ensure that you will be discharged from the hospital in a faster and safer way. All hospital personnel have identity cards on them on which name, photograph, department an duty information are presented in order to make you recognize the medical and administrative team caring for you. Please inform the security in the event that a person who does not have a hospital identity card takes care of you.

Your Drugs

Please inform your doctor and nurse about all kinds of drugs you are using and bring along with you for hospitalization and deliver such drugs to them. The drugs you are using should be approved by the doctor and pharmacy for your safety

Such drugs covers:

Prescription and non-prescription drugs (such as Aspirin or cough syrups) Vitamins and herbal products If there is any known allergic reaction (food and/or drug), definitely report it to your doctor or nurse. It is highly important to know which drugs are taken why; thus, please keep track of the drugs you will use during your stay in our hospital. Make sure that your nurses check your identity wristlet indicating your personal information before giving any drug to you.

Information and Approval

Informative approval forms have been arranged for high risk interventions to be performed for the polyclinic and clinic patients in our hospital. In the approval forms, such information as the doctor to undertake relevant intervention, the benefits expected from the intervention, possible outcomes in case of non-performance of the intervention and the alternatives, risks and complications of the intervention, if any. Moreover, the name, title and signature of the doctor and also the date and hour when the doctor has provided information of the intervention to be performed are recorded on the form The name, surname and signature of the patient as well as the date and hour when the approval of the patient has been obtained are presented on the form in question. The patient/trustee/legal representative is requested to specify the statement of “I read and understood the information herein and I accept the intervention.” through his/her own handwriting. The patient has a right to reject each application s/he has previously approved at any stage prior to the performance of relevant application. On this ground, a separate rejection section was placed on the form. The patient/trustee/legal representative is again requested to specify the statement of “I read and understood the information herein but I do not accept the intervention.” through his/her own handwriting.

Elder and Disabled Patients

Sitting areas are provided in our polyclinics and emergency service for elder and disabled patients. It is also specified in patient admission offices that elder and disabled patients are prioritized in terms of service receipt. It is intended to ensure elder and disabled patients are registered and examined with priority One each toilet both in the polyclinic and emergency service is dedicated to the use of disabled individuals. Our elevators are equipped with a numerical system that can be read by visually handicapped patients. Moreover, patient welcoming and directing personnel accompany the disabled and elder patients and facilitate the process during which they receive relevant services. Some park areas are also dedicated to the disabled in the parking lot. One each room in the clinics have been arranged in such a way that orthopaedic handicapped individuals can feel more comfortable.

Nursing Services / Nurse Call System / Private Nurse

Our nursing services are available on a 24/7 basis and you can make use of the call system in order the nurses to contact with you whenever you need. Such call system is provided On the teach pendant situated at the bedside (nurse sign); At the toilet and bathroom (when you pull down the red coloured cable). It is sufficient to press the call button at the end of the cable from your bed to make the nurses hear your call. During your first admission to your room and service, our service nurse and floor personnel will provide detailed information on this regard There is a call answering and rejecting button (green coloured) on the panel situated at the door entrance. It is intended only for the medical personnel, please do not use it.. If you make such a request that your patient is cared by a single nurse during your stay in the hospital or after your discharge, special nurse service can be provided for you.

Floor Cleaning Services

Our floor services will ensure a clean room and environment for you on a regular basis (Extension line: 2181, 2059 and 2106).

Hospital Attendance/Information for your Hospital Attendants/Visitors

Only 1 attendant is allowed in our hospital when your and other patients’ health issues are taken into consideration. As from the hour of 22.00, the visitors in your room are regarded as attendants. An attendant menu is offered to your relatives who will accompany you Being together with your beloved will accelerate the recovery period and ensure that you have a smoother and comfortable period during the disease process. Therefore, allowing your visitors to spend time with you is important for us. In addition, we kindly request from you for the comfort and welfare of you and other patients: To make your visitors and relatives to wait in your room when you are in operation or surgical proceeding; Not to allow your visitors and relatives to sit on your bed; To inform your visitors that relevant doctor will come to your room and give them detailed information on your status when the operation is completed; Not to accept more than 2 visitors into your room after the operation for your health; To limit the visiting period with 10 minutes for each visit; To direct your relatives in accordance with the rules of our hospital in order to ensure a quiet environment in the hospital during your stay; To adhere to the rule if your doctor bans the application of visit and/or attendance for your health; To take the warnings in terms of mobile phone use into consideration.

Visiting Policy

Visiting hours are between 09.00 – 22.00 on a daily basis. Please make contact with your doctor/nurse for exceptional situations of visiting. Visiting hours mat vary in some departments Our floor secretaries will inform you about such variations, if any


Maximum care for creating a silent atmosphere inside the hospital will help the recovery period of our patients. By taking into account the noise pollution and negative effects of the mobile phones on the medical devices used in the hospital, we kindly request from you to keep your mobile phones at quiet or closed mode.

Technological Services

A wireless internet system is offered to the use of our patients and patient relative. Furthermore, hand-held computers, DVD and VCD can optionally be provided.

Patient Relations Unit

Your opinions and suggestions are important for us in order for us to provide a better service for you. Our responsible personnel for patient relations will ensure the satisfaction of your wishes as soon as possible. Please share your opinions and needs with us (Extension Line: 2054).

Technical Service Need/Heating and Cooling

Our technical service is ready to help you on a 24/7 basis for any failures which may arise on all kinds of equipments in your room (TV, armchair, cupboard, bed etc.). The only thing you should do for your technical service need is to make contact with your nurse. Your room is uninterruptedly provided a fresh air flow through the system inlet. However, you can adjust any temperature value depending on the season thanks to the thermostat at the entrance of your room.


Our dietician will determine the most suitable nutrition program for you and keep track of it during the period from your hospitalization to discharge by means of taking into consideration your health status as well as the treatment program stipulated by your doctor.. Our breakfast and dinner hours are regulated by our food service under the supervision of a dietician. Moreover, the patients whose diets allow and their attendants can benefit from the A la Carte menu service as well.


Breakfast 07.00 – 08.00

Lunch: 12.00 – 13.00

Dinner: 17.00 – 18.00

REFRESHMENTS: It is based on the diet program to be recommended by your doctor or dietician.

Please pay attention not to accept any foods or beverages from outside in order to protect your health. Our cafeteria and room service are available between the hours of 06.00 – 00.00 (Extension Line: 3113).


Desired newspapers will be delivered to you each morning during your hospitalization period.

Place of Worship

We pay attention to meet your and your relatives’ all religious and cultural wishes and desires. You can request a prayer rug to pray from your nurse for yourself or your relatives. Please inform the floor personnel about the religious official you would like to see in accordance with your religious beliefs in our hospital..

Your Involvement in the Treatment and Care Plan

Your involvement in your own treatment plan is highly important in terms of being aware of what is performed why. Therefore please discuss your appointment and care plan with your nurse and doctor.

  • Be sure than you completely understand the treatment to be applied and do not hesitate to ask the points that you could not grasp.
  • If you will be operated, receive information from your doctor about such operation. ,
  • If you feel pain, please make contact with your nurse and doctor


Hand Washing and Infection Protection

Proper hand washing is the most important application for the prevention of infections. Thus, there are hand washing units in all patient care areas and patient rooms in order for everybody to wash their hands. .

Wash your hands for fifteen seconds;

  • Before and after using the toilet,
  • After touching dirty properties,
  • Before and after the meals,
  • Before and after touching the medical dressing area,
  • At every entrance to and exit from the patient room,

The health team has to wash their hands before performing any operation. If required, please do not hesitate to remind them to wash their hands. If there is any catheter, needle, tube or medical dressing on any part of your body for the sake of treatment, please ensure that such area is clean and dry. If any blushes, pain, flow or medical dressing wetness or deterioration is observed on such area, immediately inform your nurse/doctor about it.. Request from the persons who want to visit you at this period to come later on. Depending on the type of the infection, the use of masks, surgical gloves and aprons or any visitor restriction may be required in order to protect other hospitalized patients and personnel. In such cases, your doctor and nurse will inform you about the precautions to be taken


Smoking is forbidden in our hospital as per current laws. If you want to stop smoking, you can receive information on this regard from your doctor and nursing services.

Coiffeur and Barber Services

If you request, respectively blow-dry and shaving services can be provided for female and male patients.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

In case of need, laundry and dry cleaning services can be provided to you to clean and wash your clothes. The only thing you should do is to make contact with your nurse on this respect.


Security services of our hospital are available for 24 hours in order to ensure your comfort and peace. Our security personnel located on certain watch points across the hospital are appointed to prevent the access of foreigners to the floors where the rooms of the patients are situated; ensure the compliance with patient visit hours; inhibit unnecessary extravagancy within the boundaries of the hospital and provide peace both for the patients and personnel (Extension line: 2154-3144)

Lost and Found Properties

Security personnel of our hospital are located at the main entrance/exit and emergency service entrance/exit doors. In case of any lost and found properties, please make contact with the security personnel (Extension line: 2080).


Our floor secretaries are informed about the prices of the services you will benefit from. Please make sure that you have understood the amount to be paid and the scope of the service to be provided before receiving such service. Advance payment may be requested for your long term treatment expenses on condition of being deducted from the invoice.

Car Park Services/Taxi

During your stay in our hospital, your family or hospital attendant will be able to benefit from the car park of our hospital on a free basis. You can park your car for a short period of time in front of the main entrance and emergency service doors for the purpose of patient drop-off and pick-up. Make contact with our discharge personnel for any question about transportation and calling a taxi.


You can make contact with our ambulance for 24 hours through 444 1 300 numbered telephone. If you request to benefit from the ambulance service during your discharge, you can make contact with your nurse or discharge personnel.

Control Period/Post-operative Control Examination

During the discharge period, when you will visit our hospital for the purpose of control will be notified to you by the floor secretary and nurse. You will also see that the control date and hour is indicated on the “Patient Discharge and Training Form” submitted to you. Please do not lose this form. If you have any problem, you can make contact with your doctor or nurse by means of calling the hospital without waiting for the control date

Baby-friendly Hospital

Our hospital has been regarded as a “Baby-friendly hospital” since 1998. Providing assistance for the expectant mothers as for the pregnancy by way of informing them about breast milk and lactation; ensuring lactation just after the birth and showing them how to lactate their babies through the health personnel trained with updated information, our hospital received the title of Baby-friendly Hospital in the year of 1998 and it still maintains this title. . During your stay in the hospital, your baby stays with you and taken out the room by the authorized nurse only within your knowledge.

Service Assessment Survey

You can communicate your suggestions, opinions and needs by means of filling in the Service Assessment Surveys on the floor corridors. You can leave such forms in the survey boxes situated on the counters or you can submit them to the Patient Relations Personnel.. In order to perform such assessment online, you can share your opinions with us through the form at the section of the opinions and recommendations in our website. Your opinions will make great contributions for the service quality of our hospital. We would like to specify that the surveys filled in by you will be evaluated carefully. Thanks for your cooperation.

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