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Patient Responsibilities


  • One of the major responsibilities of the patients is to recognize their doctors by name, understand the recommended treatment and use the prescribed medicines. When patients feel that insufficient information has been given or the issue has not been completely understood, then they are obliged to ask any questions until they fully understand the issue
  • Patients are responsible for providing accurate and complete information on their medical statuses. They should also clearly and completely specify their complaints, current or past infectious diseases, operations, applied treatments, used medicines and habits.
  • Patients are obliged to inform their doctor(s) about instant changes and emerging complaints during the application of the treatment.
  • Patients are also obliged to pay the fee in return for the applications on the basis of the diagnosis and treatment within the period determined by the institution. If the expenses of the treatment are borne by the registered institution, patients should accurately communicate relevant information on such institution and document it when required.
  • The damages and losses in terms of the fixtures and consumables of the institution due to misuse or wilful acts are compensated by responsible patient for such damage or loss. If patients reject the planned treatment or fail to comply with the instructions of the doctor, they are personally responsible for the outcomes to be encountered.
  • For the sake of easy access to the services offered by our patients, welcoming and directing personnel as well as all employees of the hospital are in your service from the information desk to each floor of the polyclinic.
This content was published by the medical editorial board on 24.03.2021 and updated on 26.03.2021.