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International Patients Services – GOP Hospital

Has been providing health services on a global basis with the option of featured care and individual service for superior treatments...

Our team has completed the treatments of many patients from various countries up to the present day. Dedicating themselves to health, our team satisfy your medical needs and provide special services by means of taking into account personal preferences as well as your cultural, language and religious expectations. Patients can almost feel as if they were at their own homes during the treatment period thanks to the hospitality understanding adopted by our team.

GOP Hospital aims at responding to all your questions before, during and after the treatment and providing assistance to the patients.

As from the moment of first contact of our patients with us, our specialist team establish required contact and ensures the evaluation and then submission for our information of the reports presented by patients.

Gaziosmanpasa Hospital carries out such qualified treatments as Organ Transplantation, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Tumour Surgery, Oncology, Stem Cell Transplantation and In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Furthermore, it undertakes such individual procedures as Plastic Surgery and Hair Transplantation.

International Patients Department (IPD) of GOP Hospital renders the following services:

  • Provision of communication between the patient and doctor for the sake of receiving the opinion of the patient about the treatment plan;
  • Provision of a second opinion and communication with respect to the treatment plan;.
  • Preparation of relevant documentation in order for the patient to benefit from his/her insurance
  • Assistance in making travel and treatment plan for the patient and in the performance of relevant proceedings to make use of possible discounts from some companies like Turkish Airlines;
  • Organization of accommodation and transfer options upon the request of the patient;
  • Provision of a translation service on a 24 hours basis during his/her stay in the hospital;
  • Performance of hospitalization and discharge procedures;
  • Provision of air and land ambulance if required;
  • Assistance in possible transactions which may be required to be performed upon the request of the patient.

Why Should You Prefer GOP Hospital?

  • Because we are implementing the newest and the most developed treatments.
  • Because we have a specialist and experienced doctor team who closely monitors international congresses.
  • Because we are trying our best in order to make you feel comfortable as if you were in your home.

GOP provides the following information and services

  • Telemedicine consultations
  • Medical appointments
  • Appointments for family members who request routine and preventive medical care / Check-up Packages
  • Cost estimates for anticipated treatment
  • Communication and coordination with private health insurance companies
  • Help with airport transfers
  • Travel and accommodation advices and reservations
  • Discounted flight rates and additional benefits via our preferred carrier Turkish Airlines
  • Facilitation of admission, discharge and follow-up processes
  • Multilanguage speaking staff and provision of interpreting services in English
  • Arrangement of air and ground ambulance services
  • Other services upon request

What To Bring To With You

Please make sure to bring all of your medical records and diagnostic materials to your medical appointment, if you have not sent them beforehand. The following items will be required to schedule your first appointments:

  • Your passport or other valid form of ID
  • Demographic information, including name, home address, phone contact (including local contact number or cell), e-mail, date of birth
  • Detailed insurance information, including insurance name, policy and group number, insurance contact phone number
  • If you are a government-sponsored patient, please bring a letter of authorization from your embassy
  • Full medical records, including all related exams and surgery reports, treatment records and laboratory results
  • All films (old and current) from imaging studies such as X-Rays, MRIs and CT scans, along with any other relevant reports

Come and become a part of our family...

This content was published by the medical editorial board on 24.03.2021 and updated on 05.04.2021.