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Our Values

ETHICS: Successful treatment of our patients is our priority. In this context; 

As Hospital Management And All Employees; 

• Respecting the patient and the patient rights 

• To have professional and scientific responsibility 

• Not being affected by differences of language, religion, sect, race, age, gender and political opinion while performing our duty. 

• Doing your job properly and lovingly, owning the institution 

• Working to improve yourself 

• Listening to complaints and suggestions, producing solutions 

• To keep his promises, to have a sense of loyalty 

• It is essential to avoid behaviors that undermine the trust and reputation of the institution. 

In terms of Health Services We Offer; 

• To work in accordance with national and international law 

• To work to increase service quality and increase patient and employee satisfaction 

• To ensure that all our employees, especially our female employees, work in a safe environment 

• It is essential to act in accordance with the mission and mission of the hospital. 

TRUST: It is essential to be an institution that our patients trust themselves. 

COMPETENCE: It is essential to provide our health services with professionals. 

INNOVATIVE: It is essential to work to present our health services with the latest technology and new approaches and practices.
This content was published by the medical editorial board on 26.03.2021 and updated on 12.01.2022.