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Our Values

ETHICS: Successful treatment of our patients is our priority. In this context; 

As Hospital Management And All Employees; 

• Respecting the patient and the patient rights 

• To have professional and scientific responsibility 

• Not being affected by differences of language, religion, sect, race, age, gender and political opinion while performing our duty. 

• Doing your job properly and lovingly, owning the institution 

• Working to improve yourself 

• Listening to complaints and suggestions, producing solutions 

• To keep his promises, to have a sense of loyalty 

• It is essential to avoid behaviors that undermine the trust and reputation of the institution. 

In terms of Health Services We Offer; 

• To work in accordance with national and international law 

• To work to increase service quality and increase patient and employee satisfaction 

• To ensure that all our employees, especially our female employees, work in a safe environment 

• It is essential to act in accordance with the mission and mission of the hospital. 

TRUST: It is essential to be an institution that our patients trust themselves. 

COMPETENCE: It is essential to provide our health services with professionals. 

INNOVATIVE: It is essential to work to present our health services with the latest technology and new approaches and practices.