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What Causes Loss of Hair? 

Losing hair about 50 to 70 hairs per day is a normal phenomenon, but when it comes to hair loss in men and women, it is mentioned that the hair falls out too much, becomes thinner and weak, and the hairline is receded. Although there are many reasons for hair loss in women and men, the most common reason is male pattern hair loss, which is genetically inherited androgenic alopecia. 

What is Hair Transplant? 

Hair transplant is the transfer of permanent hair in the area between the two ears from the area where the hair is dense to the thinned hair area in the front. After hair transplantation, the hair falls out first, and when they grow back, the patient has natural hair that does not shed anymore and grows regularly. Hair transplantation can be performed by FUE hair transplantation method in which individual hair follicles are collected and transferred, or with the old method of follicular unit transfer (FUT) in which hair follicles are taken in a strip style at once. Although the results of these two methods are the same, the only difference is whether there is a scar in the area where the hair is taken. 

How Is Hair Transplantation Performed? 

Hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia and sedation, and under operating room conditions in the hospital. It takes 2-7 hours to complete the hair transplantation by removing thousands of hair follicles, extracting them if necessary. During the hair transplant process, you can watch TV, drink tea and coke or chat with the hair transplant team. 

What is FUE Hair Transplant? 

Follicular Unit Extraction is a modern hair transplant method. In FUE hair transplantation, the hair follicles to be transferred (follicular unit) are taken under magnification with the help of micromotor from the nape area where permanent hair is dense (extraction). No stitches are made, and no stitch marks are formed. The hair donor area is mostly the nape area, but the other areas such as chest hair are rarely used. The donor area heals completely within ten days. Small holes are made with special needles in the area where hair transplantation will be made, and hairs separated into follicular units are placed in these holes. The transplanting angle of the hair is parallel to the angle of the original hair. The use of follicular units in hair transplantation gives the patient a natural appearance. Transplanted hair sheds within two to three weeks and grows permanently again within two to three months. The full result takes a period of 8-12 months to appear. 

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation? 

There is no scar in the form of a straight line in the donor area after hair transplantation. The recovery time in the donor area is short. The chance of a bad scar, called hypertrophic scar, is low. It does not cause any limitation of movement after hair transplantation. It is more comfortable. It is a good alternative if the scalp is very tight. Even if the donor area is enlarged, there is no risk of scar growth. Hair follicles other than the head (from the shoulder and chest area) can also be taken. It is preferred especially when a limited number of hairs is needed. 

Follicular Unit Transfer by the Classical Method - What is FUT? 

It is the process of separating the hair follicles into follicular units containing 1, 2, and 3 follicles under the microscope by taking the hair follicles in the form of a strip from the neck area that is resistant to losing hair and then transplanting these follicles to the area without hair. Hair transplantation is performed without putting the patient to sleep, in the sitting-lying position, under local anesthesia and with sedation support. During the procedure, a thin scar in the form of a line remains thanks to the use of the trichophytic closure technique and the appearance except the thin scar is completely natural and the continuation of the old image. 

What Is the Process After Hair Transplantation? 

Hair transplantation is a type of tissue transplant and aftercare is very important. Sports and strenuous work should be avoided for the first 3 days after hair transplantation. Smoking should not be allowed. On the third day, the first wash is performed by the hair transplant team and suggestions about washing and care in the first 15 days are made to the patient. It is possible to return to normal life within a week. The transplanted hair falls out within 3 weeks and grows permanently again within 2-3 months. The full result takes a period of 8-12 months to appear. When hair transplantation is performed by experts, it is a very satisfactory procedure.
This content was published by the medical editorial board on 23.02.2021 and updated on 10.04.2023.