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Hand and Micro Surgery

Hand surgery is a branch of surgery related to the part of our body that starts from the shoulder and extends to the fingertips and is called the upper extremity. Many problems related to the upper extremity and requiring surgical treatment, especially the treatment of hand injuries due to trauma and various accidents, are within the scope of hand surgery. Microsurgery is a surgical technique applied by enlarging the operation field using an operating microscope or ancillary tools called loop. In this way, it is possible to surgically treat the problems in structures such as nerves and vessels that are normally difficult to see with the naked eye. Microsurgery technique is a technique used in many branches such as plastic surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, ophthalmology and gynecology. 

The suturing of limbs that have been partially or completely severed as a result of work accidents, traffic accidents, glass cuts, falls or similar accidents that rapidly increase in our daily life are successfully performed in our hospital. 

Hand and microsurgery team has been operating in our hospital since 1995. 

In addition, congenital anomalies in arms and legs, deformities caused by burns can be treated. 

Arm, forearm and hand injuries, cuts;

  • Hand, finger and wrist fractures; 
  • Complaints of numbness in the hand (nerve compression) 
  • Finger snapping complaints 
  • Mass in hand, wrist and arm 
  • Congenital hand deformities 
  • Rheumatic hand and foot diseases 
  • Paralysis due to dysfunction of arm nerves, congenital and traumatic sensory and movement defects; 
  • Ligament problems and related pains of hand and wrist joints, 
  • Wrist arthroscopy; 
  • Vascular problems of the hand; 
  • Elimination of tissue deficiencies in the upper extremity
This content was published by the medical editorial board on 24.02.2021 and updated on 25.10.2023.